Thursday, 16 June 2016

Heeding God’s Word – Part IX

Over the course of a series of blogs we are outlining two reasons why heeding the Bible is going to be at the foundation of our life together as a church.  From our previous blogs we saw that the first reason was that the Bible is at the foundation of our life together because it is God’s word.  In this blog we will continue to outline the second reason…because the Bible is trustworthy and true.

The difference the truth makes…to life now as God’s saved people…
From Psalm 119 I have picked out 9 differences having this trustworthy and true word of God at the foundation of our life together as a church will make.  We will look at 1 each day over 9 days…

4– Hearing and Heeding God’s word leads a life where we Obey God’s word
Psalm 119.175…the one who has heard God’s word…knows that life is about honouring the speaker of that word…The Lord who is righteous.

And the Bible’s instruction on how we are to praise God…to honour him is simple…obey him!
·      To choose his precepts (v.173)
·      In the words of 2 John 1.4; 3 John 1.3 we are to ‘walk in the truth’
v.168…he knows us…and he is faithful and good…so we trust him

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