Thursday, 9 June 2016

Heeding God’s Word – Part II

Over the course of a series of blogs we are outlining two reasons why heeding the Bible is going to be at the foundation of our life together as a church.  From our previous blogs we saw that the first reason was that the Bible is at the foundation of our life together because it is God’s word.  In this blog we will begin to outline the second reason…because the Bible is trustworthy and true.

One of the privileges of my job is being about to do wedding prep with engaged couples and over the course of meeting with them one question I have got into the habit of asking them is this, ’What one quality do you think is most vital to a healthy marriage/relationship?’

What would your answer be?

The answer the bible gives is this…Faithfulness…
·      Someone who is utterly consistent…faithful…
·      Someone who is a promise maker and keeper…
·      Someone who lives in line with the promises they have made…
·      This is the core of any good relationship… faithfulness…

And this is the second reason why we are a church that heeds God’s word first and foremost because God spoke this word and we are his creatures, so we listen and obey.  And second, because as he hear this word, we discover that it is a trustworthy and true word – a faithful word.

In Psalm 119 we have this wonderful declaration about our God, verse 137,  Righteous are you, O LORD…and your words are righteous.  At the foundation of this church plant is hearing and heeding the word our our God, who is righteous.

Righteous is Who God is…
‘Righteous’ is a relational word, it tells us what sort of relationship’s God has.
Three facets of God’s righteous nature are captured for us in Psalm 119:
·      Our God is eternally loving – and so he wants relationship (verses 41, 76)
·      Our God is eternally near – and so he is able to be in relationship (v.151)
·      Our God is eternally compassionate – knows we need relationship (v.156)

Faithful is who he is…but it also tells us…what he does…

Righteous is What God does…
He is faithful! He promises relationship and then he keeps that promise!
·      A promise of relationship spoken and delivered
·      A promise that is trustworthy forever (138)
·      A promise of rescue…or help…of salvation
·      He makes good on that promise by one simple wonderful act… …He speaks!
·      He speaks the truth! (more on that in our next blog)

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